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Regardless of your preference in coffee, Coffee Creations, mobile coffee Bar Solutions provides the perfect cup to compliment corporate events and private functions. We began with the aim of adding a flavorful dimension to the timeless custom of rounding off a fine meal with coffee. Aside from using the finest aromatic blends, our baristas are professionally trained to ensure all round excellence in brewing and serving our menu offerings. Our stylish designed bars adds to the glamour of any function as well as allowing our clients to personalize the bars with their company identity and brand. Uniforms, cups, take away cups, burn bands, serviettes, bags of beans , even cup cakes

We offer a number of different mobile bars; Cappuccino bars, Milkshake, Freezoccino, Coffee in a Cone, Espresso & Tea Bare - We now offer a Candy Cart.

When it comes to the professional expertise to blend, brew and serve high quality after dinner refreshments, we Coffee Create the process.

To compliment your Mobile Bar we have offer decadent Cakes and Biscuits

Our mobile coffee bars are geared for Corporate functions
Promo Launches
Christmas parties
Golf Days
Sporting Events
Birthday celebrations

Yael Romberg
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